4 June

For the launch of the Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, HUB XV Breakfast club, entrepreneur and marketing expert, Sian Gunney shared her remarkable business story with HUB XV members and guests.

The digital marketing leader also passed on her top marketing tips for enterprises of all sizes, before answering audience questions.

An industry powerhouse

Sian leverages many years’ experience gained in event management and high-level marketing roles with blue-chip corporations and clients across the UK.

Now CEO of Sian Gunney Consulting (SGC), Sian works with a small, expert group of digital marketers to help individuals, start-ups, established SMEs and larger organisations to achieve their goals.

She delivers lectures in entrepreneurship at Cardiff University, Cardiff Business School and the University of South Wales, and was recently listed no.48 in the top 100 influencers for world-wide digital marketing.

Talking tactics: Q&A with Sian Gunney

Q) What are your best qualities as a business woman?

Creative fast strategising, tenacity, dedication and the ability to make things happen to get results.

Q) What has been your proudest achievement in enterprise?

Growing my first media company (PMG) from 0 to 37 employees, and having a three-storey office space. At the time I was one of the youngest female directors asked to talk at prestigious events and as a company we received many award nominations.

In 16 months as Head of Digital Marketing for Skinade nutraceutical, I elevated the brand’sdigital profile to one with over 400% increase in online sales. Celebrity gifting brought in over 200 names suchas Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Reese Witherspoon.

Q) What was one of your toughest career challenges and how did you overcome it?

Learning to say no; the most successful people have the most difficult conversations. They also say ‘no’ to people far more than they say ‘yes’.

When I started out, I had difficulty with business people not standing by their word, or not paying on time. I’ve learnt to trust my instinct and conduct full D&B financial checks into prospective clients, before committing to working with them.

Q) What business advice would you give to your younger self?

I would say: “I know you think you won’t get a business partner, but do. Look at your strengths and weaknesses, and find someone with corresponding skill-sets so that you can help each other.

“Never stop learning and don’t lose sleep over issues of staff, because staff come and go. Develop employees, drive them and commit only to the brand.

“Start young, invest wisely and surround yourself with a solid legal team, accountants, book keepers and a bank you trust. Everyone will try to advise you; just follow your instincts and do not falter. Keep moving forward.”

Q) What makes Cardiff a great place for business?

I understand the Cardiff market intrinsically and I know where social media community marketing can fly over traditional social media marketing.

Every business needs social media marketing, but not every business understands why or how to optimise their strategy to cut through the noise, get traction and the best results. This is why a lot of big brands or celebrities and influencers looking to hit the Cardiff and Welsh market will often get referred to me.

HUB XV Breakfast Club with Sian Gunney

More special guests will share their business wisdom and experiences at HUB XV, Cardiff, each month. Guests can enjoy breakfast and networking, and put their questions to speakers following their talk.

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