Global Business Community

The global business community is benefiting from the rapid rise of co-working, a sector that is forecast to continue it’s growth in the future. At HUB XV, we deliver the power of co-working through a unique package built upon the values of sport.

Sporting People at our Core

Nowhere will you find stronger camaraderie, better connections, and a more positive community than at HUB XV.

This ethos of support is reflected in the way HUB XV is set up. By providing high-level and flexible co-working opportunities in sports clubs/stadia with a personalised approach, we generate an easy-to-manage and sustainable source of additional revenue for partner venues which in turn helps to support associated teams and sports at grass-roots level.


Elite People at our Heart

HUB XV stands out from the crowd because of the elite people at its heart, the quality of our events and business community programme, and the unfaltering commitment to high standards that our members share.

"If the right are people lifting you, any goal is within reach."